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Case 1: Presented by upper abdominal discomfort

Female patient, 59 years old, presented by upper abdominal discomfort, abdominal US & CT scan abdomen revealed mass in the liver segment VI, VII, with high level of AFP. Patient selection for surgical treatment: HCC occurs in background of liver cirrhosis so the liver function is necessary byChild-Paugh classification. Patients with class A tolerated liver resection .

after exploration to exclude metastasis patients with liver cirrhosis need limited liver resection, the extent of surgery will depend on the size f the mass, the number of nodules (2), so 1 cm surgical margin at least to prevent recurrence.
The liver should be mobilized completely to allow full examination, to minimize blood loss during resection we use radiofrequency Habib needle during resection. Radiofrequency produce coagulative necorsis and added more safety margins, then sharp cutting with surgical blade.

If major vessels bleed controlled by a figure of 8 vicryl suture.

Tumor bed after resection noted the added safety margins.

Tumor with nodules and safety margin.

Case 2: Under construction
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Case 3: Under construction
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Case 4: Under construction
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